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Suzanne CHEUNG
Assistante commerciale
Téléphone: 0497 370 277
Du mercredi au dimache de 10h à 17h

L37 Projects is a Melbourne-based award winning designer & builder of custom homes, pre-designed homes and multi unit residential projects.

At L37 Projects our vision is simple - ‘Happy Clients, Great Homes ’ and delivering on this vision permeates the culture of our organization and impacts on every decision we make.

Client Service and Construction Quality are cornerstones of our vision and our commitment to our clients and these values set us apart in the industry.

Our Values

  1. A positive, enjoyable customer service experience with a focus on proactive communication
  2. Reliability, honesty, integrity and consistency
  3. Innovative & distinctive designs
  4. Quality of construction
  5. Valuing customers, staff & partners
  6. On time, on budget
  7. Employer of choice

Latitude 37 Group Vision